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If you want to start writing games in Clean, follow the 7 steps below. If you only want to try the games, download them below.

Before you start, check if your system meets the following requirements: you will need a (fast) PC with Windows 9x and about 75 Mb of free disk space to install and compile everything.

Step 1 - License Conditions
Read the Clean License Conditions first.

Step 2 - Start downloading
Download (7.5 Mb). Continue with step 3 while downloading the file.

Step 3 - Register
Please fill out the registration form.

Step 4 - Unpack
Unpack the ZIP file you downloaded into a temporary directory. The ZIP file contains two directories itself, Clean and TS. You can use WinZip.

Step 5 - Install Tile Studio
Start SETUP.EXE from the TS directory you just unpacked to install Tile Studio.

Step 6 - Install Clean
Start SETUP.EXE from the Clean directory and install Clean.

Step 7 - Install DirectX
If you don't have DirectX 5.0 or higher, download it from Microsoft and install it. After the installation, you will have to restart Windows.

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