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Here are some games that were made with the Clean Game Library. These games are also included in the ZIP file above with complete source code. Requirements: fast PC with Windows 9x, DirectX 5.0 or higher):
  • Worms (280K), author: Mike Wiering. This is a version of the well-known game Worms (also known as Snake, Nibbles). It runs at mode 640x480, which can be slow on some PC's. There are three levels.


  • Charlie the Duck (530K), author: Mike Wiering. This demo shows how to make complete platform games using the library. It runs at 320x240 and also includes sound samples. There are two levels.

    Charlie the Duck
    Charlie the Duck

  • Sint Nicolaas (680K), author: Mike Wiering. Another platform game, now with high scores! The game runs at mode 320x200 and has two levels (more info).

    Sint '99
    Sint Nicolaas

  • Zwarte Piet (1.3M), author: Mike Wiering. This new Sint Nicolaas game features ray-traced graphics and can be run at several screen resolutions. (more info).

    Sint 2000
    Sint 2000

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